Qtorial 7: Using QBackBeat to find the Rhythm with Rap!

by Abby @ Quaver on November 1, 2011

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Today’s Qtorial – our weekly series of lesson & activity ideas from Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music – is all about Rhythms & Rap Music!

Qtorial 7: Using QBackBeat to find the Rhythm with Rap!

We’ve been really digging into QBackBeat lately, unpacking the ways teachers can use the tools at QuaverMusic.com in their classrooms. The great news is – QBackBeat is just one of the music-making tools in the Studio at QuaverMusic.com! If you have questions about other Creatives, we’ve yet to unpack – feel free to join the conversation at QuaverQmunity.com where you can ask questions of the Quaver team and other teachers using Quaver’s Program anytime!

Now Quaver will take you deeper into QBackBeat – to the Kit Lab and beyond!

Quaver here, coming at you with another Qtorial! As I continue to use QuaverMusic.com, I have been concentrating on the potential of QBackbeat as a tool for learning about rhythm and beat. Here’s another cool idea I came up with as I explored and learned.

Rap music is a great and moderately simple way for kids to learn about rhythm, timing, and steady beat.

  • Go to Qbackbeat and click on the Kit Lab button at the top of the screen. You may have never been there, but in the Kit Lab you can change the timbre of your drumkit by choosing different drums.
  • To create a simple rap backing track, lets select 8 Hip Hop drums.
  • Create a rap beat! If you are not sure how to do this then see the template I have made below.

Rap Backing Track Pattern in QBackBeat

Listen to the beat track we created here:

  • Rather than creating a long drum track, you can click on the repeat sign in the transport bar and the beats will loop around one measure, which will be perfect for your rap.
  • Words for raps can always be tough, but how about using stuff that kids are learning in school anyway and make that into a rap?
    Consider these ideas for lyrics:
    • days of the week
    • seconds, minutes, hours and days
    • planets
    • times tables
    • There are loads of things that can be rapped which do not require writing a bunch of lyrics.

Listen to the vocals we created here:

  • Listen to the full rap track – all put together!

Days of the Week Rap by the team at Quaver HQ:


Hope this helps, have a great day and happy rapping! Quaver Out!

How might you consider using your new Rap track in the classroom? Share your ideas below!

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