Qtorial: Pop Groove Orchestra STEP by STEP

by Abby @ Quaver on October 11, 2011

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In last week’s Qtorial, Quaver introduced you to his Pop Groove Orchestra project!

Today, we dig a little deeper with Step-by-Step examples of the final tune!

I know this is kind of like eating your dessert first, but let’s take a listen to the final product and then we’ll unpack the pieces. Click play to hear the complete Pop Groove Orchestra!

How many different instrument sounds can your students hear? Have them guess and pick a favorite to listen for as you continue!

Laying the Foundation

The foundation for the piece, Quaver created this backing track in QBackBeat on QuaverMusic.com:

Have your students work together to create a rhythm in QBackBeat – it’s easy!


 The Individual Loops

Next – Quaver recorded each of these loops in our Quaver HQ studio! He’s like one-man-band with no instruments! Click play below to hear the individual tracks.

Have your students listen and decide which instrument sounds Quaver is imitating!


The Build-Up

The best way to hear the layering of the individual sounds is to add them into the track one at a time – take a listen!

Now that you’re students know the sounds, have them pinpoint when a new instrument is added. How does that change the feeling of the track?

What do they think of the final product?

Assign groups of students to each sound and have them imitate Quaver as you listen to the full mix one more time!


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