Qtorial: My Pop Groove Orchestra.

by Abby @ Quaver on October 4, 2011

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Today’s Quaver Qtorial comes from Quaver himself!

Each week’s Qtorial will give you a peak at the way Quaver’s on and offline resources can come to life in your music lessons. Feel free to take these ideas and run with them!

Qtorial 4: My Pop Groove Orchestra – Using QBackBeat to create a Groove Orchestra!

Most pop tunes these days are built with Grooves.

If you really listen to a Justin Bieber song (wait for the screams!), you will hear that it’s built from very small blocks of melody, rhythm, and backing all pieced together to form one song. These small packets are called grooves.

To try and replicate this, why not create in QBackbeat a very simple drum part of 32 measures? As it plays get the students to clap along to the beat.

Easy, Breezy, Beat-Machine!

Next, split the class into 5 groups and have each group come up with a short groove or musical idea. You will have to help them shape their groove.

Their groove might be:

  • a rhythmic pattern
  • a short melody
  • a 4 word or instrumental groove.

All you need to do then is press play in QBackbeat and have each group fit their groove into the beat with you playing the role as the conductor.

Then your groove orchestra is complete.

Of course when you have practiced, have the students stand, create a dance to go along with their piece.
At the end of the class take a piece of contemporary pop and have students listen for grooves or repeated building blocks.

Quaver out!

We’d love to hear how this project goes in your classroom!
Try a Groove Orchestra with your students today!


Update: Listen to Quaver’s final composition in this step-by-step post!

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