Introducing: The Venue Maestro!

by Abby @ Quaver on September 22, 2011

in At Quaver HQ,

My favorite thing about getting this blog rolling is introducing the world wide web to the amazing people working behind the scenes at Quaver HQ!

Today, that just happens to be Brandon – henceforth known as The Venue Maestro.

Take a trip down the Metro!

An integral part of the fun and learning at – our Venues are portals through which students can explore different musical genres and time periods. They are accessed via The Metro just to the right of the Music Shop at

At each venue you’ll find games, virtual goods, and lots of information on everything from Rock to Reggae! You can even go back in history and explore significant events in the evolution of music through Quaver’s time-traveling Phone Box!

And now, without further delay, I introduce –
The Venue Maestro!

Greetings one and all, all and one. I am the Venue Maestro. All things venue are I and I are all things venue . . . well, sort of!

My Christian name is Brandon, but you can call me Maestro (cue: timpani pounding in the background and harps and chimes and serene pools of water. . . Ahhh, doesn’t that sound soothing?) I am here to share an exciting world with you . . . the exciting world of music.

Where would Superman be without his flying theme song, or Harry Potter without his classic movie score? I would wager that all of your favorite movies (and perhaps some TV shows) are not just pictures stored in those memory banks of yours. I bet there is some wonderful music to go along with them! An image to help you recall your thoughts . . . yeah, that’s it! That’s where the Quaver Venues come in.

Our venues will help you get a sense of the music you hear. Where does Rock music come from? What’s Beethoven birthday? What album was the first to go platinum? (That’s selling 1 million copies!) All of these questions and SO MUCH MORE await you in the land of venues. Already open and waiting for you are Venues featuring POP, JAZZ, COUNTRY, CLASSICAL, & ROCK music styles, and that’s JUST the beginning. We’ll be unveiling new venues each month at!

So hop on the METRO and journey to the land of venues!

And now – as a special treat. Dear Maestro will take us behind the scenes into one specific venue – Wembley Stadium – home of all things POP Music!

So, you want to take a peek behind closed doors, do ya!?!

Well, you must know somebody because you came to the right place! But first you have to pick a door! Will it be door number one, two, or three? Three you say, or was that one? Oh right, you said door number two!

Guess what, in this case, all three doors lead to the Pop Venue at! Why is that? Because it’s HUGE!! Choosing Wembley Stadium to represent Pop Music was really a no-brainer. It has hosted (and still hosts) some of the greatest and biggest concerts of all time! Of course, being able to hold 90,000 people sure does help! The stadium took 4 years to build at a cost of $1.57 billion!!! The band Muse became the first band to sell out Wembley Stadium on June 16, 2007.

Venturing through the Pop Venue Book, you’ll find what makes pop music, pop music. You’ll also discover what inventions revolutionized the ability to listen to pop music. And you never thought the blender would be used for anything else besides making a milkshake? Just Kidding! No blenders, but there are four progressive inventions that changed the way we listen to pop music!

Find out why reaching “Number 1” is everything in pop music and some interesting facts about certain pop artists you never knew. Open the music player and listen to examples of pop music. Try the hard version of the puzzle and see if you can beat 45 seconds! (That’s my time! JUST Kidding! My time was 2 min and 50 seconds. Still, see if you can beat my time!) There is also a really cool matching card set. It will help you familiarize yourself with various pop music inventions and artists!

Thanks Maestro!

Does anyone else get tired just listening to the Maestro? He gets so excited talking about his Venues, that there’s just no stopping him!

I suggest you do what the Maestro says and take a trip down the Metro to Wembley Stadium today!

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