Qtorial: Create a Global Radio Commercial!

by Abby @ Quaver on September 13, 2011

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Yesterday we posted our first Note from Quaver & today we bring you our first Qtorial – a weekly series of lesson & activity ideas from Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music!

Each week’s Qtorial will give you a peak at the way Quaver’s on and offline resources can come to life in your music lessons. Feel free to take these ideas and run with them!

Testing, testing . . .

Qtorial 1: Create A Global Radio Commercial For A New Drink Called “Quaver Cola!”

Set up: This is a larger type of project stretching over a number of weeks and could be a cross-curriculum study involving the Art department.

Aims: To get as many people to listen and respond to our ‘Quaver Cola’ product worldwide through our “Quaver Cola” radio commercial!! Yippee

Task 1. Basics of Writing a Song. Watch Episode 12 “Writing a Song,” Episode 16 “Form,” or Episode 15 “Chords & Harmony” in our DVD series. Each of these episodes gives basic tips in simple song writing (and more!)

Task 2. Understanding Other Cultures. Using the Online Quaver Classroom – Classroom 107’s Interactive Whiteboard activity ‘Worldwide Connection’ listen to music from Russia, England, Brazil and Africa. Discuss, dance, clap and see how music differs in each culture. (You could use Tracks 4 & 5 in Classroom 115 to listen to Indian and Chinese music examples, as well.)

Homework: To prepare your “Quaver Cola” commercial have students find three words for delicious from 3 different languages – at the beginning of the next lesson write these down and say them together. The 3 forms of delicious can be used to form the lyric for your song.

Task 3: Group Problem Solving/Working Together Cooperatively/Creative Thinking. Ask your students, “Although all countries have different music, which music is listened to all over the globe?” POP – lets create a piece of Pop music together using QGrooves™ – one of the creatives in the Studio portion of QuaverMusic.com.  (Show QGrooves™ to the class on IWB or Screen)

Have students help suggest loops to choose. They can come and drag loops into position in front of the class or if you are in a lab, each computer could have 2 students and the task could be to construct a 16 measure QGrooves™ piece to be the backing of your commercial. (Discuss tempo, arrangement, mixing, and use of chordal structures so the piece sounds coherent, etc.)

Once you are satisfied with your QGroovess™ track create an Mp3.

Task 4: Group Problem Solving/Working Together Cooperatively/Creative Thinking Skills. In front of the class go into QComposer™, click on QLyrics™ (all this is also in the Studio!) and use the 3 delicious words students discovered in their homework to make your lyrics. (You could write a tune as well but this is pretty advanced!)

Task 5: Working Together Cooperatively. Record your class singing the words on top of the QGrooves™ backing track. This CANNOT be done in QuaverMusic.com – you would have to set this up with your own equipment – the other options is to VIDEO the performance and use this as your finished product as long as the backing track was loud enough.

Task 6: Competing in the Global Economy/Problem Solving. Have students brainstorm ways of getting the “Quaver Cola” commercial into the hands of the world. (There are many ways…keep the suggestions coming!)

A few examples below…

  1. With parents permission have them upload it onto their Facebook pages and log the responses from each family (data/statistics)
  2. Release the jingle onto a site like iTunes and see how many times it is downloaded
  3. Upload it onto a site like YouTube and see how many clicks this piece receives
  4. Use a technology such as SKYPE to connect with schools in other countries to share work

What would you add to this Qtorial? Do you think your students would get excited about this kind of interactive project? Let us know if you give it a try!

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