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by Abby @ Quaver on September 7, 2011


One of the greatest things about is that it’s constantly changing and growing!

We’re adding new things every month and THIS blog is a great place to find out about them! We’ll be showcasing what’s new the first Wednesday of every month!

September in Quaver’s World is all about musicians! And I hear you ask:

Isn’t everyday in Quaver’s World all about musicians?

Yes, of course it is. Good call.

But this month especially, Quaver is Calling All Musicians to explore, and to learn and create some amazing music while you’re there!

This month features new Avatar clothing & furniture in all of your favorite music styles: Rock, Pop, Country, Punk, Hip Hop, etc.

An Avatar Adventure

Check out my avatar, for example. She’s sporting a PUNK hairdo, BRITISH POP jacket and tee, COUNTRY cut-off shorts, and some HIP-HOP sneakers.

It’s an exercise in expression AND and exploration of musical styles. :)

The best part is, after suiting up your avatar this month, you can create songs in the style of your new outfit or head to the METRO and explore that genres for yourself by traveling to their most influential venues!


Learning about POP at

We could take a quick trip to Wembley Stadium in London, England, for example, to learn all about POP Music! To give you a peek at what’s waiting for you there I’ve invited our Venue Maestro, Brandon, to share a bit about what POP Music means to him:

 Chew! Smack! Sugar! No, I’m not talking about the candy store, I’m talking about POP music!

Although many think Pop music gets its name from being 10 miles wide and only a foot deep, “Pop” is actually short for “popular”. That’s generally what pop music is; it’s what’s popular.

A popular song could be a rap song one week, then a jazz song the next, and then a rock song the next! Do you know who decides whether or not a song is popular? You do! That’s right. You! The more you call in to a radio station and request a particular song or buy a song off of iTunes, you are submitting your vote for the popularity of that song!

Why do popular bands have concerts in Wembley Stadium? Because it holds 90,000 votes . . . I mean seats. Translate seats into fans and that equals 90,000 people who get to see their favorite band sing their favorite songs! The bigger the arena the more fans you can fit in there. Wembley Stadium is the second largest stadium in Europe. 90,000 people! Do you know how many people that it is!?! You’re right! 90,000. If those 90,000 people stood shoulder to shoulder, they would take up about 500 football fields!!! WOW! That’s a lot of people!

In the Pop Venue at you’ll also discover an exciting 16 page book filled with awesome information about pop music, a music player for you to listen to some pop tracks, and a couple of games to tickle your fancy!

All that and more awaits you at the Pop Venue! Stay tuned next time to see me use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the miles of guitar string Bruce Springsteen has used in his lifetime.

That’s right. You’ll be hearing more from our Venue Maestro as he continues to unveil new venues and adventures each month at! For now, I think you have some Avatars to deck out in our new duds.

Calling All Musicians! What’s your favorite style of music to create and play?

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